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How To Identify Good Messaging and Content

Updated: May 20, 2022

Perhaps when you create sales or marketing messaging, you look at competitors and might use what they're doing as a template. However, what happens when that approach doesn't work? Others are also analyzing competitors, using the same approach. With time, the messaging gets saturated and no longer works.

What if there is a better way? What if you can create business brand, sales and marketing messaging and content, that truly connects in a consistent calculated way?

The patterns for creating good messaging and content include originality, and authentically connecting on a human to human level.

Below is my viewpoint on how to measure good messaging and content.

Good messaging and content…

...doesn’t come across as status quo societal marketing. original, not cliche.

...speaks truth and has a human element.

...doesn’t give you something you don’t want, but something to look forward to. much more than it takes.

...provides a bridge that solves your market’s needs.

...speaks to a desire that subtly whispers, “I see you. I hear you. I understand your needs.” doing the opposite, of what everyone else is doing. elevated creativity that makes you laugh, smile or feel good as opposed to repulsed. warmth to the person reading it. compelling enough that people REACH out.

...isn’t trial and error or throwing something against the wall hoping it will stick. strategic, methodical and has roots and research to back it up.

... gives hints of success within hours of launch because the messaging nailed it!

If I speak to your desire, I’m connecting.

If I share my truth, I’m giving you something that connects you to me without trying.

That is good messaging.

In my experience, most content marketers research the competition and often position the messaging and content the same way only modifying a little language, leaving out originality or flare.

One way to create originality is to interview and use your real life stories and experiences. If you're new in business and don't have those yet, finding interviews and creating original stories from similar industries will help you create originality as opposed to overused and cliched copied messages or content strategy.

This is one piece of a big puzzle of creating content and messaging for human connection, so that you build trust and likability and pull, while also increasing market share and eliminating competition. It takes time, it's not a magic pill, but if you're consistent, it works wonders for creating leads in the long term.

If you have any questions or thoughts, I would love to learn your perspective on your experience for positioning to pull for human connection. Please give us a shout out. We love to hear from you and we appreciate you.

Cheers to your messaging success!



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