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Position for Human Connection 

Website Copywriting Course & Training

Website Copywriting 
Course and content writing coaching for new services, freelancers, or businesses.

Human Connection:
Website Copywriting &
Qualitative Buyer Studies, 

A "How To" Course

Quick getting started, 5 Page Wix website with copy included for each page.

This course is a experiential writing experience that teaches you how to write content for your:

  • home,

  • about,

  • services,

  • testimonials, and

  • a contact pages.


This also includes instruction on how to do a qualitative buyer study with testimonials included for social proof. Organic lead generation strategy for attracting leads in the form of outreach plan & content strategy for customer acquisition.


Our competitive advantage, is our qualitative interviews to understand those human connection bridges that attract and touch clients, while also building supporting testimonials and social proof. This approach creates copy that fosters human connection, originality, and positions you to attract those who are aligned to your values and offerings. 

Giving you support for those who are struggling at creating content that works.

Website Copy Course, Includes the Monthly Content Mastermind below.

This is great for writers, marketing freelancers, consultants, and businesses. This website copy course provides step by step instructions on how to write web copy for 5 pages that provides social proof and credibility, while also writing to customer desires. In a world where feature based, AI generated content is prominent, we teach you how to write for human connection in a meaningful ways, to stand out amidst the noise. 

Gain market validation, get feedback, suggestions on your content. Train your brain the patterns that work.

"Writing For Human Connection" Monthly Mastermind: 

The purpose of peer group content evaluations is to help you see the patterns and strategies that create effective communications so you can gain the engagement and sales outcomes you want. 

This comes with the course above and is a monthly subscription where you can submit your content that isn't working and we'll evaluate it as a group and give support and feedback so you're set up for success. 

Writing to connect, is a muscle that grows with exposure. This is recommended as an introduction or an extension of the website copy course so you can develop and keep the skill by gaining exposure and doing it.  We believe if you don't use it, you lose it. 


Our goal is that this ongoing program will help you to internalize what you learned in order to  write communications that work for years and years to come. For some it takes, months and for others it takes weeks. 

We want to give you a platform to begin to rewire your brain for this kind of writing so that you can gain control of your success and know your sales, marketing and brand communication will work versus guessing. 

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