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Position for Human Connection 

Content Training Programs

Teaching you how to create successful brands, sales, marketing
and relationship communications that work.

The "Human Connection" Communication One Year Program.

This course is a step by step program that teaches how to use scientific behavioral research and human psychology in business branding and marketing messaging, in order to position to emotively pull.

This program is great for those who want to create human connection, so that your website, brand, sales and marketing communications are in alignment and work well.

Curriculum includes:

  • Discovering human connection (unique research)

  • Positioning to pull (DIY website, brand, and content positioning with expert support)

  • Messaging for human connection (DIY learn to create ongoing marketing content that works)

  • Speaking for human connection (Sell without trying)

This includes weekly support, videos and experiential training, giving analysis and peer feedback. We'll take you through a step by step process with weekly homework. We'll also view your communications, share feedback, suggestions, and insights, so that you can position your brand and marketing to emotionally  connect for enhanced engagement. 

We use the same philosophies and scientific methods from the course as in our group coaching. 

Giving you support for those who are struggling at creating content that works.

"Human Connection" Content Strategy Roadmapping:  

This is great for agencies, marketing, content consultants, and businesses. This is limited program that includes qualification. We offer one on one coaching support to help you create the communication strategy and patterns that pull, in your brand, sales and marketing communication. 

The intention of this one on one is to provide ongoing strategic support for those who are struggling to create content that converts. We'll understand your goals and create a customized plan to help you create effective communications for your brand, sales and marketing. 

Some of the symptoms we solve together are, price haggling, very little engagement,  attracting the wrong market, and having a long funnel time from pain to action. 


We'll help you create a communication strategy that gives  confidence and momentum to move the business forward.

Gain market validation, get feedback, suggestions on your content. Train your brain the patterns that work.

Wednesday "Writing For Human Connection" Peer Mastermind: 

The purpose of Wednesday peer group content evaluations is to help you see the patterns and strategies that create effective communications so you can gain the engagement and sales outcomes you want. 

This is a monthly subscription where you can submit your content that isn't working and we'll evaluate it as a group and give support and feedback so you're set up for success. 

Writing pull is a muscle that grows with exposure. This is recommended as an introduction or an extension of the other courses to  develop and keep the skill by gaining exposure and doing it.  We believe if you don't use it, you lose it. 


Our goal is that this ongoing program will help you to internalize what you learned in order to  write communications that work for years and years to come. For some it takes, months and for others it takes weeks. 

We want to give you a platform to begin to rewire your brain for this kind of writing so that you can gain control of your success and know your sales, marketing and brand communication will work versus guessing. 

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