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Write for
Human Connection

Content Mastermind

"The customer's perception is your reality." 

Today we no longer respond to being "sold to." Emotional connection is what people want now more than ever. 


The purpose of the Human Connection Content Mastermind is to give you a supportive platform to test and refine your your website, email, social, profiles, brochures, bios and other content your working on. 

This is intended to help you learn strategic content patterns so that you can create communications that deeply connect, making your brand like-able. 


Writing strategically for human connection, is like a muscle that grows with practice, exposure, and doing it consistently. We believe if you don't use it, you lose it. 

Writing by the Water
Clapping Audience

Is It a Good Fit?

This is great for writers, marketing freelancers, consultants, and businesses. In a world where feature based, AI generated content is prominent, we teach you how to write for human connection in a meaningful ways, to stand out amidst the noise. 

This also could help you if you: 

  • Struggle creating content that connects. 

  • Have a desire to write content you know will sticks versus guessing. 

  • Are tired of doing it alone and appreciate peer groups who support you.

  • Spend a lot of money on content creation that isn't bringing in those who see value.

  • Want to test messaging before you launch.

  • Want to shorten the lead funnel time from pain to action 

  • Want to begin positioning from the customer perspective.

Intentional Outcomes

It is our hope that by participating in the group you will:

  • Diminish the risk of creating messaging that doesn’t work.

  • Feel comforted by having peer support.

  • Provide valid social proof, gaining trust quicker

  • Drive engagement with your content

  • Pull multiple markets, gaining more market share

  • No longer have to guess on content

  • Provide evergreen topics that connect for the long term

  • Source original SEO

  • Communicate and sell more effectively

What to Expect

This will be complimentary for the first two sessions, For those who want to learn how to write content that works, you can submit your course content or writing that isn't working and we'll give kind constructive support and feedback, so you can improve visibility.  


After the first two sessions you can decide to subscribe for ongoing peer support and keep learning with us. 

We will also include a 15 minute lesson that evaluates content that connects, so you can begin to recognize and test the patterns that work. 

Image by Mika Baumeister

We meet every other Wednesday from
1p.m.-2:30 p.m. Central via video chat

Sign up below for instructions on how to join!

Thanks for joining us! We'll send along your instructions in just a moment :)

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