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Image of human bending down to touch noses with a dog. Text overlay "Live Fulfilled by Bettering the Lives of Dogs and Humans - A University for Dog Lovers and Dog Trainers

>>Educational Programs

AZ Dog Smart

School for Dog Trainers


Layne Kizler came to Emotive Pull because she launched a school for dog trainers and after 6 months of heavy social media and SEO activity she still wasn't converting the clients who wanted to pay for her service.

She struggled getting qualified buyers because her current messaging didn't engage her target audience yet. She came to Emotive Pull for  a strategic messaging foundation to generate more qualified leads for clients that would pay. 

Solution and Business

We created the brand based on the customer’s buying motivations discovered from qualitative market research. 

With AZ Dog Smart, we found core motivations for why animal lovers become trainers.


  • They’re motivated to help dogs and families connect

  • They love dogs and want to keep them from going to rescue shelters

  • For them, dog training is a personally fulfilling career



After we implemented the new messaging, she began attracting people who wanted to pay for her program. 


We attracted:

  • High level executives who wanted to transition into a career they love

  • Retired teachers who've always wanted to work with dogs

  • Millennials who have a passion for animals

"Jen is a true original! Finally someone that has a
perspective that is fresh, dynamic and effective !
Emotive Pull is a strategy that stands out from the crowd .
This is an integrated approach that I have been
introduced to in the last year, and no one does it better.
The content is drawing great leads. We have seen a
return on the investment in that we are getting more
interest than ever." -
Layne Kizler, AZ Dog Smart

The Emotive Pull approach creates buying behavior.

 Case Studies for messaging training

>>Technology Services


Software Development & IT Company


Micah Mangione founder of Connect...IO came to Emotive Pull after years of working with marketing companies who didn't get results. 

They desired a strategic approach to understanding customer psychology so they could better understand what drove prospects to buy their services. They had a feature-based approach to sales and marketing that wasn't driving the outcomes they wanted or needed. 

They didn't have a voice for their business which resulted in high bounce rates, no action on efforts and when they discussed their business, people would instantly reject them. At trade shows, they would have to find people. The tactical marketing efforts they were doing weren't getting the results they wanted. 

Micah states, "We spent hundreds of thousands on marketing that didn't work before Emotive Pull came along." 

Solution and Business

We created the brand based on the customer’s buying motivations discovered from qualitative market research. 

With Connect...IO, we found core motivations of why people want their services. 


  • They want to make their software idea tangible to impact the world

  • They want to a technology company to protect them from heartbreaking security hacks 

  • They want technology integration to streamline processes so they save time and labor

  • They want to have an IT company support them when they have issues without having to pay a full time IT person. 



After we implemented the new messaging, Connect...IO began to connect with his market so much better. People responded. They were able to get appointments easier. 

We attracted:

  • People who wanted software ideas implemented

  • Higher level companies

  • People who had a desire to integrate technology into operations to streamline processes

"We have a lot more confidence when we talk about what we offer. We know what people want when they come to us. It’s helped us prepare speeches, webinars, etc. Even talking in person. People are spending a lot of time on our site, too. Our bounce rate dropped by half and time on the site went from 30 seconds to almost 5 minutes. At a recent trade show, we walked away with 200 leads because of our Emotive Pull banners. People were coming to us for a change."

-Micah Mangione, Founder of Connect...IO

The Emotive Pull approach creates buying behavior.


Homepage of Connect...IO website showing primarily feature-based marketing efforts


Screen shot of Connect...IO website showin primarily emotional marketing efforts.

>>Technology Applications

Cash Cow Farmer

Software Application


Scott Anderson, founder of Cash Cow Farmer, came to Emotive Pull after realizing his messaging needed to be revamped. He had a team who was implementing tactics and they weren't getting results for the efforts. He wanted more engagement and buzz. His efforts were converting at 1%. 

He loved the idea of using emotional research and  agreed that people buy emotionally. He was interested in positioning the business based on the farmer's emotional drivers. 


They had a feature-based approach and they also experienced high bounce rates with very little action, creating frustration.

Solution and Business

We created the brand based on the farmers' buying motivations discovered from qualitative market research. 

With Cash Cow Farmer, we discovered the farmers buying motivations. 


  • The farms were their legacy and they wanted to leave that legacy to their children

  • They stressed about profiting

  • They didn't understand their break-evens

  • Markets are tough



After we implemented the new messaging, Cash Cow Farmer gained more engagement and sign ups. They saw results quickly. 

We attracted:

  • More farmers who were open to buying because they saw the value in what they do​

"As a business owner, it’s easy to get disconnected from what the customer thinks. Working with Emotive Pull has made our funnels and the language connect better with our customers. It takes fewer passes to the website. With a message that is connecting, they don’t have to do as much research on us. Our bounce rates are shorter and they reach out now versus bounce off our site. The cycle is a lot shorter from pain to action and we’re getting conversions now without doing anything. We’re not spending on ads and we’re still converting organically. 


The market research transcription Emotive Pull provided gives our sales person a competitive edge. I use this to train sales. It’s easier to train people when you have the conversations and pain transcribed.


My experience  was that most companies set deadlines and they might make the deadline. Emotive Pull has high integrity. They meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Emotive Pull outperformed all of my expectations and that’s rare!"

-Scott Anderson, Cash Cow Farmer

The Emotive Pull approach creates buying behavior.  

Google Cash Cow Farmer to learn more

Homepage of Cash Cow Farmer website showing primarily feature-based marketing efforts.
Homepage of Cash Cow Farmer website showing primarily emotional marketing efforts.

These case studies are a handful of examples of core messages that represent positioning for emotional connection with your audience revealing the immediate impact this skill and process makes for your business or your customers. 

We offer a step by step Emotive Pull training that teaches you how to create the branding, marketing and sales communication to pull the same way. Once you learn this skill and process, you'll be able to create messaging with integrity that connects and sells for years to come. 

Please contact us at or you can reach us at 602-430-8900 to inquire on course training times and qualification requirements. 



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