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What Others Are Saying

These testimonials refer to messaging training.


Jen Kahtz gave us a much better understanding of the psychology of our customers in a general sense. They helped us with that new knowledge of customers’ buying habits in general, which helped us narrow down how to identify things within our little market. I think it’s a unique way to approach your marketing. It makes it so your marketing doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Most people just copy what others are doing - this gives you a really unique voice.


Jen Kahtz messaging has helped my company’s credibility and for me, credibility is a very important aspect. Credibility has created conversions the grassroots way. Everyone who goes to my website has great things to say about it and it does exactly what it needs to do. 

From all of the data gathered in the market research, I had extra campaigns and content already written. That is something you pay people for and it was a valuable byproduct of the Emotive Pull process. When I spoke to a digital firm, I already have 8 or so of those articles. The extra content that is such an asset. 

Jennifer has the ability to provide an authentic message of what you’re creating emotive pull for. She knows how to ask the right questions and write in a way that is emotional in nature. It goes deeper than knowing the right questions. It’s an intuitive ability where as information is being given. She knows how to pull out what’s needed to create the emotional pull in your clients. There’s an innate ability to know the next question to ask that’s going to get her the information she’s looking for.


Jen Kahtz Messaging Training helped solidify what my brand is and my why for wanting to create the website. Before I took the class, it was more about selling products. After taking the class and doing market research, discovering the audiences needs, my business idea turned into also building a community, bringing people together to share ideas and make people better. Initially, I didn’t think much about how I wanted to communicate my offerings. ​After understanding my audience and market better, I now have unlimited topics and conversation for reaching out and connecting

with my community. The class helped me to understand how to structure my communications in away that attracts people and draws people in to engage. ​Now I feel like I can create communications that specifically target areas of interest for my customers. My communications are better received. It’s not writing and hoping the articles will land it’s now writing and knowing they will land.

Sally Blaser, FOCAL POINT SECURITY, Phoenix AZ

We redid our website and it absolutely changed the messaging there. We all felt a lot better about it ourselves. When we look at the site now, we feel like we are talking to that market - before we weren’t. The biggest thing Jen Kahtz's messaging training did was help us understand our clients and see what they really need. What were they looking for when they found us?

Neil Meinke, 602ABC WATER

Phoenix, AZ

While working with Jen Kahtz Training, we were able to develop content that hits the psychological points we wanted. It’s also really well-written. That’s another aspect of copywriting that was a big deal.  We’ve done it for seven days and we’re getting more phone calls from it.

I felt like I got a lot of value out of working with Jennifer and her team because of the process. They also gave us a binder of that information so new employees can see it.

I believe in Jen Kahtz's approach. I saw the process - it was well-defined. They described what was going to happen. Also, I saw the proof in it - they were collaborative with me and other parts of my team. That assured me that they were really getting a solid understanding before presenting information. That information was very well done. 

Edward Pully, 98 CENT GAS

Their expertise has helped make our vision a lot greater and more understandable. They made it reliable. That had never been done before. I couldn’t say enough good things about their expertise. Emotive Pull’s value is the best money we spent.

I was totally blown away by what Jen Kahtz brought to the table for us. Take a chance, use Emotive Pull and just wait - see what is produced. They produced an excellent piece through the interviews. The way they gather the data to put together your story - at first it may seem out of the box, but that’s the way it should be. That’s how we have ended up where we are. More companies need to do that - think outside the box and let somebody else sit in the driver’s seat. That’s what Emotive Pull brings to the table.

Meghan Uhl, FOCAL POINT 

Taking Jennifer Kahtz’ Jen Kahtz Training changed how I approach a prospective customer both in person and with written word.  After 30 years of selling and taking many “professional sales” courses, this is the first time someone has helped me make a real connection with customers that gives real results.

Jessica Hausner, AGF

 I realized Jen understood people; how they think and react to things, like a sociologist and psychologist combined. She gathered what I do and why I do it, and translated it into messaging that I’m now unbelievably proud of. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a pull in their business and attract the clients they desire.

Amanda Peterson,


Jen Kahtz Training solved the issue of being able to communicate with my customers in a way that made sense to them. It helped my customers be able to engage with our business in a clearer fashion. It also helped the practitioners who use the space to clarify their vision of what the services are that they offer.

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