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Today we no longer respond to being "sold to."

 Human connection is what people want right now more than ever.

Business owners often spend time and money on marketing efforts that fail to generate qualified inbound leads. A few reasons may include:

  • the messaging isn't connecting to a real need or transformation, 

  • the current message is market saturated,

  • the message and targeting approach are mismatched or disconnected,

  • the lack of social proof and outcomes, may limit your market credibility. 


Effective messaging is critical and the metaphorical gas that gets your marketing to work. Without it, business development and tactical marketing efforts can become a challenge, with minimal results. 

Some of the symptoms of disconnected messaging include,

  • minimal engagement,

  • silence in your outbound outreach efforts, 

  • price haggling,

  • price shopping,

  •  being viewed as a transaction instead of a trusted advisor and  the overall frustration of spending a lot of money on marketing that isn't working. 

There is a Better Way!


Being viewed as a trusted partner and business of influence takes the selling pressure away. Positioning and connecting on a human level to real desires and outcomes, based on research is critical to getting this right. Various methods will connect you deeply to your audience to organically attract those you want to serve.


We teach business owners how to do just that in order to:

  • Position your brand authentically and write effectively.

  • Build trust.

  • Become likable.

  • Connect on a human level.

This makes growing your business rewarding and accessible because your communications will inspire and give your prospects confidence for transforming real needs.

How Does This Work?

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We first discover the connections that drive your customers to action!

 When you understand needs and write to your audience, it builds connection, and you'll be able to create content consistently that you know will stick versus guessing. 

There's relief and comfort in that!

Discovering the emotional drivers, will allow you to  build trust and credibility for years to come.

And understanding how to connect emotively in a deeper way has  proven to work best.

 Over 1,400 Case Studies Show Show Emotional Ads Work Best

Consumers Use Emotions to Evaluate Brands Not Features

95% of Purchasing Decisions are Subconscious

Behavioral Science is Critical to Marketing

I'm Jennifer Kahtz, and I've been studying human connection, consumer  buyer behavior and the marketing psychology for over 20 years.

I've seen first hand how turned off we've become to the old marketing paradigm of

"I'm great! I have the best stuff! Buy from me!"

Through my research I've discovered the power of using research to create your impact story and bridge the connection to your service or products to the needs and desires of the audience in order to gain consistent, sustainable results.

Our goal at Emotive Pull is not to become your marketer.


It's to teach you to how effectively do market research and create effective messaging for yourself so that your business can thrive without struggle, without hustle, and without "icky selling."

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

That's why we created a mesaging course to share this edge!

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All so you can gain the superpower to position and create messaging that truly builds trust, and bonds, human to human.

You will learn to create content that:

  • Competes for expanded market share because it's so different

  • Drives lead generation with less cost because it's more targeted and effective

  • Is original and stands out amidst competitors

  • Ensures every piece of content is intentional because it is built on a strategic foundation

  • You know will stick versus guessing. 

What is the Human Connection Messaging Course?

If your content works, your marketing will work. Over 80% of marketing efforts only work for a few businesses. Business owners lose money investing in old-fashioned methods that aren't effective in today's paradigm. 

The HUMAN CONNECTION Messaging course teaches you how to create and position value-based messaging in a way similar to big corporations. ​You'll learn techniques that connect deeply to the customer you want to reach and understand your customers more deeply. ​When implementing our methods, your customer engagement increases, bounce rates drop, and the cost per lead is significantly reduced. 

What's inside The Human Connection Communication Course?

We provide a hands-on, step-by-step group training showing you how to create compelling messaging. In this course, you'll learn how to bridge the connection between your company and your clients by communicating with "human speak." You'll discover the buying motivations of your target audiences and use behavior science to gain the attention of your market and turn them into interested, connected, quality leads.

The Human Connection Messaging Course

EP 101 - Messaging Training Series
Research: Discover Buyer Motives and Needs.

Welcome to your first set of lessons. To position for human connection, you'll have to speak to humans and understand proven customer buyer motives and needs. This lesson will give you the research process for uncovering emotive buyer motives and identifying the proven pulls and content strategies. We'll share real-life examples of what works and what doesn't so that you can locate effective research. You'll also learn how to generate social proof so that you discover more credibility and evidence of outcomes.

Discover Human Connection (2).jpg
EP 102 - Messaging Training Series
Web Content: Positioning for Human Connection.

In your second set of lessons, you'll learn how to position for human connection emotively. You'll learn the critical human components and methods that connect and attract your ideal audiences. You'll also learn how to position buying motives, so they connect and self-qualify. Meaning they see your content and say that it is me! Each component in the process will give you the foundation to understand how to position those desires while also positioning for credibility. The motivators' behavioral psychology position is based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Discover Human Connection (2).jpg

EP 103 - Messaging Training Series

Lead Generation: Messaging for Human Connection.

Throughout these lessons, we'll guide you in crafting messages that foster meaningful connections, building upon the groundwork laid in lessons one and two. You'll acquire the skills to create intentional content tailored for various platforms, from conversational scripts to social media posts, resonating with human emotions. Additionally, you'll grasp the dos and don'ts of writing for human connection, illustrated through practical examples for deeper understanding.

Discover Human Connection (2).jpg

Curious on how this skill impacts your positioning capabilities for years to come? You'll be able to:

  • Discover the bridge between your customer and product/service (Bridging Connection)

  • Clearly convey the value your company brings

  • Make decisions on who to target (Giving Clarity)

  • Create content you know will engage specific targets (Creating with Intention)

  • Get social proof to build trust (Building Human Connection & Credibility)

  • Devise a viable strategy so that you're out of the hamster wheel of content or a business that doesn't work (Providing Confidence and Freedom)

  • Create content people will look forward to receiving (Creating trust and value)

We understand that learning a new skill takes practice.

After all, you have to learn to walk before you can run, right?

That's why we offer ongoing support

to all our course participants.

By providing a bi-weekly
"Writing for Human Connection Content Mastermind" that includes:

Regular Q and A check-ins to answer questions 

Messaging reviews to make sure you're on the right track 

Modify your messaging that isn't getting the results you want

Tune-up demos to reinforce Emotive Pull methods to ensure
you're getting the most from your investment

Discover Human Connection (2).jpg

How will the
help my business?

You WILL...

  • Open new market shares you didn't know existed

  • End the disconnect between you and your customer

  • Increase lead generation, many times exceeding 50%

  • Get faster sales from reduced time from pain to action

  • Get better quality, targeted leads at a decreased cost

  • Increase the time spent on your website pulling engaged customers

  • Demonstrate competitive differentiation

You WON'T...

  • Sink money into methods that don’t convert

  • Need to cross your fingers and *hope* your content works

  • See your efforts fail to produce results

  • Have to do this alone

WHAT people are saying about this course?

Amanda Peterson,
Pathways of Grace

Emotive Pull  training solved the issue of being able to communicate with my customers in a way that made sense to them. It helped my customers be able to engage with our business in a clearer fashion. It also helped the practitioners who use the space to clarify their vision of what the services are that they offer.

Meghan Uhl,

Focal Point Security

Taking Jennifer Kahtz’ Emotive Pull marketing course changed how I approach a prospective customer both in person and with written word.  After 30 years of selling and taking many “professional sales” courses, this is the first time someone has helped me make a real connection with customers that gives real results.

Robin Mason,

Sparkle Swap

The Emotive Pull Messaging Course helped solidify what my brand is and my why for wanting to create the website. Before I took the class, it was more about selling products. After taking the class and doing market research, discovering the audiences needs, my business idea turned into also building a community, bringing people together to share ideas and make people better. Initially, I didn’t think much about how I wanted to communicate my offerings. ​After understanding my audience and market better, I now have unlimited topics and conversation for reaching out and connecting

with my community. The class helped me to understand how to structure my communications in away that attracts people and draws people in to engage. ​Now I feel like I can create communications that specifically target areas of interest for my customers. My communications are better received. It’s not writing and hoping the articles will land it’s now writing and knowing they will land.

"Jennifer is very knowledgable and has shown me the way to attract the type of clients that I want to work with. Emotive Pull training will teach you how to “pull” in new clients so that your business can grow. The program is phenomenal. She teaches you how to learn what your potential buyers need to hear in your marketing to pick up the phone and call you. I am glad that I bought the course and I believe it was worth every penny for the value that I received and then some."

Bryan Comeaux,

South Central



Jen Kahtz messaging has helped my company’s credibility. Credibility has created conversions the grassroots way. Everyone who goes to my website has great things to say and it does exactly what it needs to do. 

Jennifer has the ability to provide an authentic message of what you’re creating emotive pull for. She knows how to ask the right questions and write in a way that is emotional in nature. It goes deeper than knowing the right questions. It’s an intuitive ability where as information is being given. She knows how to pull out what’s needed to create the emotional pull in your clients. There’s an innate ability to know the next question to ask that’s going to get her the information she’s looking for.

Leslie Schreiner,

The Accounting Company

 I realized Jen understood people; how they think and react to things, like a sociologist and psychologist combined. She gathered what I do and why I do it, and translated it into messaging that I’m now unbelievably proud of. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a pull in their business and attract the clients they desire.

Jessica Hausner,

Artisan Gallery Framers

Jen Kahtz gave us a much better understanding of the psychology of our customers in a general sense. They helped us with that new knowledge of customers’ buying habits in general, which helped us narrow down how to identify things within our little market. I think it’s a unique way to approach your marketing. It makes it so your marketing doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Most people just copy what others are doing - this gives you a really unique voice.

Kim Mylls, Kiss Corporate Goodbye


Emotive Pull Guarantee

Our mission is to help you succeed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the improvements in your marketing efforts after 30 days of completing and properly implementing the Emotive Pull principles, we will offer you a full refund. After all, we only succeed if you succeed, too!

We KNOW you can do this. And we want you to feel great about it.

We can't wait to teach you the peace and power of engaging people in an authentic, human way. 

You'll outshine your competitors, attract new opportunities, and create an enlightened brand.

See you inside!

The Emotive Pull Team

Discover Human Connection (2).jpg

I want the Human Connection Messaging Course!

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