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How to really differentiate your content from the competition?

When marketers teach messaging they tell you to write the benefits. Just write the solutions to problems. Find the need and solve it, like that is so easy. 

And it is for them. 

And some of it is true, and yet that doesn’t teach you how to do it.

You listen, you follow their tips, and you think you get it conceptually.

You try using the content you created from it and……..crickets.

You discover it’s easier said than done. And they don’t seem to give a method that really works for you. 

They make it look easy and they do it instinctively.

But it’s harder for you. All of the true steps for pulling it off aren’t there. You find the steps just don’t work. 

It’s frustrating because you’re doing all of this work, you think the message is right and the return is so low you feel it’s a lot of hustle for very little outcomes. 

Perhaps you keep plugging along, thinking it takes time and consistency to produce outcomes, but after 6 months you know your brand should be further along. 

You want to make an impact, have a greater reach and now… feel like you’re hitting a wall. There’s a big disconnect between you and your market. 

Here’s why this happens and here’s what most marketers forget to tell you. 

What we forget to tell you.

Getting the messaging piece right is crucial and goes deeper than just finding a need, or positioning to benefits or features, especially if you want to differentiate from the competition.

What we forget to tell you.

Your messaging needs to be original and can’t sound cliche, because authenticity and human-speak is the new paradigm.

What we forget to tell you.

When you do create messaging that works, you have to be on guard, when it’s good, original messaging gets copied fast! Because competitors are trained to research, find your stuff, and copy you.  

What we forget to tell you.

How fast your content can get saturated in the marketplace until the message that once worked, just doesn’t work anymore. 

What we forget to tell you.

Our new paradigm won’t put up with fake, phony or guessing for that matter.

We can tell when you’re guessing on the message! And it just makes us want to click off.  

What we forget to tell you.

You do have to consider where your target audience is in the buyer's journey because that is a big component.   

What we forget to tell you.

You’ll want to consider your audiences buying motives to get this right and that might put you out of your comfort zone, because people sometimes get agitated when you ask. 

What we forget to tell you.

Your content/communication should be strategic and intentional. No guessing. 

What we forget to tell you.

Finding the right messaging isn’t trial and error; you don’t have to keep testing things until they stick and fail and fail until you get the right message. You can generate a message that works quickly if you do it right. 

What we forget to tell you.

If the product or service is feature based and the audience can't see the need for it, you can create a need based on Their wants. It works better discovering the gaps from people, rather than creating a product/or service hoping you can find a bridge to connect to your market.

What we forget to tell you.

When you’re writing to the real desires, you’re also writing to their subconscious mind. The logical mind will resist an emotional message that works because it’s not logical. 

Being too logical in your messaging prevents your top of the funnel lead capture. 

The outcomes and the revenue that emotions bring for building trust will overcome this obstacle really fast! So bear with us, if you’re turned off by the word emotive or emotional. 

What we forget to tell you.

Marketing isn’t a quick fix, yet a learning and a persistence that takes time. It’s like losing weight, even when it’s good, it still takes work and consistency. 

OK, you are resonating with this truth and you need help and have the desire to really learn this, we have an Emotive Pull course called Positioning to Human Connection, that teaches this process step by step.

Also, we have a The Human Connection Mastermind that gives you education on how to do this right so you can get the outcomes you want. It’s important now, more than ever, because in these new times, features, benefits, needs and old ways don’t work. You must figure out how to pivot your business to the current desires of these new times.

You have to be original, creative and authentic to really serve in this new market. It’s going to entail an evolved way of seeing and doing things. Your market will begin to LOVE you for it!

If you feel inspired to learn this, so you can either make life better for you or your clients, or you need a content audit, contact us at

If you would like to watch the FB live video please click on the picture, and like our page or share when you get value.

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