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Great Story Examples from Local Arizona Businesses

Tuesday, we invited you to think about your business story. The one that lets people know who you were before you embarked on your business venture, what sparked you to create your business, and where it is now. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE.

Telling your story is important. It taps into the emotional side of prospective customers, allowing them to see the values and beliefs that are at the core of your business. People can see that you care. You won’t be a faceless, cold corporation, but a human who has overcome struggles, forged a path, and created success.

Relating to people in that way will create brand loyalty and customers who will sing your praises.

Here are some examples of local Arizona business owners who wrote compelling stories. Their websites may not be the most elaborate or glitzy, but their stories are bound to endear people to their brand.

Every entrepreneur has a story, including YOU. Check these out to get ideas for your own stories!

Wave Health and Pain Therapy - Surprise, AZ

Ron’s story introduces the alternative therapy that enabled him to go from being completely debilitated by pain, taking all kinds of pain medication, to being able to get himself off all of it except an occasional Tylenol. His family, recognizing the tremendous difference it made, purchased the therapy device for his personal use. It wasn’t long before Ron realized he wanted to help others the way he was helped, so the family opened its first clinic in Surprise. “I'm no longer burdened with the severe pain that was my normal for so many years. In my mind, that's nothing short of a miracle."

Charity Charms - Phoenix, AZ

Kay McDonald tells the story of her fascination with her grandmother’s charm bracelet and how each dangling charm represented something that held special meaning to her grandmother. She was inspired to create special charms that represent different charities as a great way to help those charities raise much needed funds. Today, Charity Charms has helped over 500 charities raise money for their causes. “We believe charms have the power to tell a story and bring people together through a common thread.”

Compliments Hair Salon - Glendale, AZ

Eva Flanagan tells her story in the classic beginning, middle, end style. She writes of suffering in a desk job that left her feeling drained and empty. She remembered happier days when her brother and his friends let Eva go wild with their cuts and styles. “He and his friends were fearless when it came to their haircuts and styles, and they let me experiment, learn, and create with abandon.” She knew she had to quit her corporate job and do something that would allow her creativity and her soul to flourish. Today, she’s the owner of her own salon where she’s a master stylist, a master colorist, and helps people leave her salon feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Loren North, Clothing Stylist and Personal Shopper - Phoenix, AZ

Loren begins by telling the pain of showing up to a meeting feeling uncomfortable in the clothes she was wearing, having “closet meltdowns,” and being frustrated by feeling like she never had anything good to wear. Deciding she needed a style transformation, but needed to experiment on a budget, she used thrift and consignment stores as her style classroom. Today, she embraces her use of thrifty shopping by being a champion of sustainable fashion. “What makes me different is that I don’t make you spend thousands of dollars on new clothes, stuff your closet with designer labels and definitely do not make you throw away all of your clothes only to buy more.” She works with clients to weed out their own closets and supplement what they already own with stylish, functional pieces found exclusively at consignment stores valley wide.

Teaspressa - Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, Ann Arbor, MI

Allison DeVane worked part time as a barista, simply because it was fun. She had a love for caffeinated beverages of all kinds, especially tea. She began by pedaling a tea cart around downtown Phoenix and handing out free samples. Today, she owns multiple stores in two different states as well as an online store. Her story is told in a captivating way, with a little humor and whimsy. It includes communicating what her brand stands for, including “good health and the courageous, unflinching pursuit of big ideas, luxurious self-treatment and serves as a reminder of individual self-worth, and slowing down a little and taking time to truly celebrate life.”

I hope you’re inspired by the stories of these fellow entrepreneurs.

Stories don’t have to be elaborate, lengthy, or dramatic, they just need to be authentic and heartfelt.

By the way, if you need help crafting your story, please let us know.

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