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Capture Your Customers Using Psychological Rewards

Independence Day, July 4th, is a day we love to celebrate in our country.

But what I’d really like to celebrate is Financial Independence Day! That would cause MAJOR fireworks in my life!

But how?

There are many paths to financial independence, but as a business owner, the first that comes to mind is creating a successful business - one that brings you enough income to give you a sense of Being able to create a business that sustains you now and in the future is the goal of every entrepreneur.

Creating that kind of success for your business requires fine-tuning the business machinery. One thing is for sure: one of the most important cogs in that well oiled machine is MARKETING.

Successful marketing in and of itself consists of many parts that must work in concert. It can be overwhelming to look at the whole. 

Instead, let’s look at one small but critical piece: creating messaging that SELLS. The world is full of shiny objects for us to look at. As soon as something catches our eye, something else pops up that’s shinier. Glitterier. Oohey and aahier. 

So how do you create content that’s got the glitz to catch and hold your customer’s attention?

Give them the psychological reward they’ve been looking for.

Most small business owners think that they can talk about their company the way they perceive it and that people will come flocking to find them. Alas, that’s not how the business-customer relationship works. This is why it's crucial to create a foundational core message that connects with your audience.  

One secret tip to solve the struggle of not converting lookers into leads is:

Always create a psychological reward for your client in your communications.

When you execute this, you'll begin to see conversions immediately! 

What is a psychological reward? It’s a statement that often begins with an action verb that taps into what your customers really want. If your business can solve a problem for customers or make their life easier or better, let them know. They’ll be flocking in no time. 

What’s that you say? Your business doesn’t provide any deep psychological reward? Of course it does! You just have to look at your customer’s buying motivations from a deeper level.  

Here are some examples from businesses that, on the surface, you might not think of as providing psychological rewards.

A tire store

On the surface:

You might think that people buy tires only because they need them for their car to run properly. But go deeper than that. Think with your heart instead of your head.

What’s the psychological motive for a man to buy quality tires for the family car? That car carries precious cargo, his family, and he wants them to be safe on the road.

Effective copy with a psychological reward: 

Your Family’s Safety Comes Where the Rubber Meets the Road

A fitness center

On the surface:

You might think people go to a gym for one of three reasons: to get in shape, lose weight, or both.

But go deeper than that. Think with your heart instead of your head.

Why do people care about getting in shape and maintaining a healthy weight? Because they want to live a long, healthy, happy life. 

Effective copy with a psychological reward:

Get Healthy, Get Active, and Start Living the Life You’ve Dreamed Of

A gift shop

On the surface:

You might think people go to a specialty gift shop because they need a gift for a party. 

But go deeper than that. Think with your heart instead of your head.

Why would a customer come to a specialty shop instead of making a Target run for a gift card? Because they want to touch the recipient in a special way. They want to communicate their love or their appreciation in a way that expresses what’s in their heart.

Effective copy with a psychological reward:

We’ve got an UN-ordinary gift for that EXTRAordinary person in your life!

This is just one secret tip of many on how to impact your audience with your messages. Stay tuned for more tips to help you get to YOUR Independence Day!


Speaking of psychological rewards, we'd like to make you feel HAPPY and SPECIAL!

Does marketing your business seem daunting?

Need help figuring out where to go from here?

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