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How to Create Content That Drives Buyers

When it comes to content, you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential communication tips below.

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Choose from multiple types of psychological rewards

Most business owners talk about their company the way they perceive it, only to find connecting to their client's motivations may be more challenging than they thought. However, when you position your communications in the form of emotional rewards, it's much easier.

One secret tip to convert lookers into buyers Connect with your customers based upon their needs. Solve their struggles and they're yours.

Try positioning a psychological reward. What is a psychological reward? It's often a written reward that speaks to the desire your target is already thinking of. You'll see it below in the examples of effective copy.

  • The secret to healing easily (For people in chronic pain)

  • How to get the guy you want (For women who struggle with men - we all know them or were once one of them :/)

  • How to write copy that sells (For business owners who's marketing efforts aren't converting) 

  • The golden rule for making unlimited income (For people who dream of becoming an entrepreneur) 

This is just one secret tip of many on how to begin impacting your audience with your messages. 

Ask questions to pull those emotional rewards right out of them

When you understand their motivations for seeking your product or service you can:

  • Communicate in a way that connects them deeply

  • Get a bigger response

  • Gain instant trust and credibility

Remember: always customize your communication by emotionally connecting to your audience.

Hashtag your posts

Love to #hashtag? Good news! You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!


Need a little more guidance?

Check out the courses we offer here at Emotive Pull Communications that will teach you more about messaging that sells and content that converts leads. We'll walk you through every step of the process, provide plenty of feedback and get you up to speed on emotional marketing.

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