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Positioning for Human Connection Checklist

In order to break through the noise of competition you'll want to position yourself differently, outside of societal norms. These days more than ever, as a collective society, we long for human connection​ now more than ever. 

Below is a check list to analyze your messaging and branding to begin thinking differently about what works, so that you come across authentic in the market place. There is so much more to the skill for emotionally pulling than this checklist because this doesn't consider behavioral science. With that said, this a great barometer to open your mindset to a different way of looking at your branding. 

Positioning for human connection: 

____ doesn’t come across as status quo societal marketing. 

____ is original, not cliche. 

____ speaks both to the rational and emotional mind.

____ doesn’t give you something you don’t want, but something to look forward to. 

____ gives much more than it takes. 

____ provides a bridge that solves desires.

____ does the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

____ is elevated creativity that makes you laugh, smile or feel good as opposed to being repulsed.

____ gives warmth to the person reading it. 

____ is compelling enough that people REACH out.  

____ isn’t trial and error or throwing something against the wall hoping it will stick. 

____ is strategic, methodical, and has roots and research to back it up. 

____ gives hints of success within hours of launch.... because Your messaging NAILED it!

For business owners and marketers to begin positioning to emotional pull to attract specific market shares, so that you're not consistently hustling for lead generation, we offer an Emotive Pull Training course that gives a step by step process/method to help you consistently create strategic messaging and branding, you know will stick versus guessing. Please contact us at or fill out the contact form on the front page. 

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