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Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners...

Tired of spending time or money on messaging that doesn't work?

(Of course you are!)

Kiss ineffective communications goodbye

and say hello to emotional content that

influences buying behavior,

drives greater profits,

and creates deep connections with your market.

Let's see if we've got this right...


You're doing all the right things...

 sending out emails

 paying for ads

 pumping out blogs

posting on social media

...and the response?? *CRICKETS*


You probably see this in your own life. Aren't you turned off

when you feel like you're being "sold?"

Don't you wish companies would prioritize being of service to you

over landing the quick sale?

Maybe you think it's not possible to operate this way

and still be profitable.






But that can be expensive, misleading,

and worse, INEFFECTIVE.


The truth is there are things you should know that the "pros" won't tell you.

They don’t tell you...


Finding the right messaging DOESN'T INVOLVE:

                        trial and error,

                                    guessing about what to write,

                                             crossing your fingers that this time it will work,

                                                         or taking another stab in the dark when things fall flat.

They don’t tell you...

  • Your messaging has to go deeper than just finding a need or positioning to benefits or features, especially if you want to differentiate from the competition.

  • Your messaging needs to be original and can’t sound cliche because authenticity and human speak is the new paradigm.  

  • How fast your content can get saturated in the marketplace and how to avoid that.


  • How to accurately determine your audience’s buying motives. 


  • How to be strategic and intentional with your messaging.

  • You can tap into your audience's subconscious mind and use emotion to your advantage.

It's 2020.....which means we're dealing with

a noisy, over saturated market.

If you struggle with...

               plateaued sales and performance,

                     stagnating momentum,

                             dismal conversion rates, or

                                        not truly understanding your customers,                            


It's not you, your company, your product, or your service.

It's your messaging.

Today, people no longer respond to being "sold to."

The old feature-based information everyone touts falls of deaf ears.

The solution??

Stop speaking to the head and begin addressing the heart. When you do, your communications will resonate and you'll capture quality leads.

Human connection is what people crave right now more than ever.


We're not making this stuff up!

 Over 1,400 Case Studies Show Show Emotional Ads Work Best

Consumers Primarily Use Emotions to Evaluate Brands Rather Than Info

95% of Purchasing Decisions are Subconscious

Behavioral Science is Critical to Marketing

DSC_5896 - 1.JPG

I'm Jennifer Kahtz, and I've been studying the psychology and the behaviors of consumers for over 12 years.

I've seen first hand how turned off and tuned out we've become to the old marketing paradigm of

"I'm great! I have the best stuff! Buy from me!"

Through my research I've discovered the power of using emotion and tapping  into the psychology of the consumer to drive buying behavior.

Our goal at Emotive Pull is not to become your marketer.


It's to teach you to how to create effective emotional marketing for yourself so that your business can thrive without struggle, without hustle, and without "selling."

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

That's why we're proud to introduce...

Creating Connections logo.png

Generating attention, interest, and desire with emotional messaging that works.

You CAN learn to create great messaging to attract and connect with new customers.

You CAN do it yourself, saving thousands on marketing dollars.

Best of all, you won't need to rely on stale methods that don't work. 

You'll learn how to put the power of emotional marketing to work to connect and convert.

Yes! I need this!!

What is the



If your content doesn't work, your marketing won't work. A whopping 80% of marketing efforts don't work for most businesses. Business owners lose money investing in antiquated methods that aren't effective in today's paradigm. 

The CREATING CONNECTION course teaches you how to create and position emotional communications like big corporations do. ​You'll learn techniques that connect deeply to the customer you want to reach. ​


Emotional positioning helps you understand your customers in a deeper way. ​When implementing our emotive methods, your customer engagement increases, bounce rates drop, and the cost per lead is greatly reduced. 


We provide a hands-on, step by step group training that shows you how to create your own compelling emotional communications.


During our 8 week course, you'll learn how to create a bridge between your company and your clients by communicating with "human speak." You'll discover the emotional buying motivations of your target audience and use the science of emotional marketing to gain the attention of a cold market and turn them into interested, connected, quality leads.


behavioral research

Learn the research and interview techniques that elicit genuine responses to help you:

  • Discover the bridge between your customer and product/service (Connection)

  • Clearly convey the value your company brings

  • Make decisions on who to target (Clarity)

  • Create content you know will engage specific targets (Intention)

  • Get social proof to build trust (Credibility)

  • Devise a viable strategy so that you're out of the hamster wheel of content or a business that doesn't work (Confidence and Freedom)

  • Create content people will look forward to receiving


communications blueprint

Using information gathered by your research, you'll create a blueprint for all your business communications.

  • Create landing pages and creative building blocks that give focus to how to connect to your target (Direction)

  • Learn methods to pull various markets (Powerful Knowledge)

  • Techniques that build trust (Making your company likable without boasting)

  • Discover a clear communications roadmap that makes sense for your market  (Clarity and direction)


building block strategy

Because you understand the psychology of your particular market, you'll be able to create successful messaging for all aspects of your business, including:

  • Sales Scripts

  • Prospecting Scripts,

  • Newsletters

  • Advertising Messages

  • Web Content (Design Included)

  • Sales Presentations

  • Weekly Social Content

  • Email Funnels

  • Video Scripts

  • Conversational Scripts

  • Webinars

  • Social posts and Ads

  • Cold funnel campaigns


reinforce and measure

It's not enough for you to have this information, we want to teach you how to use it for years to come. You'll receive the support you need to keep you on track and moving forward. We'll teach you:

  • How to use the Blueprint as the basis for all your communications so that you NEVER HAVE TO WRACK YOUR BRAINS AGAIN!

  • How to check the success of your messaging

  • How to modify to create the outcomes you desire

  • How to create a content schedule to keep your messaging fresh and timely

We understand that learning a new skill takes practice.

After all, you have to learn to walk before you can run, right?

That's why we offer ongoing support

to all our course participants.

We'll provide...

Regular check-ins to answer questions 

Messaging reviews to make sure you're on the right track 

Help you modify messaging that isn't getting the results you want

Tune-ups on the Emotive Pull method to ensure you're getting the most from your investment

How will the CREATING CONNECTION course help my business?


You WILL...

  • Open new market shares you didn't know existed

  • End the disconnect between you and your customer

  • Increase lead generation, many times exceeding 50%

  • Get faster sales from reduced time from pain to action

  • Get better quality, targeted leads at a decreased cost

  • Increase the time spent on your website from engaged customers

  • Have competitive differentiation

You WON'T...

  • Sink money into methods that don’t convert

  • Need to cross your fingers and *hope* your content works

  • See your efforts fail to produce results

  • Have to do this alone

We KNOW you can do this. And we want you to feel great about it.


Emotive Pull Guarantee

Our mission is to help you succeed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the improvements in your marketing efforts after 30 days of completing and properly implementing the Emotive Pull principles, we will offer you a full refund. After all, we only succeed if you succeed, too!

I'm ready!

We can't wait to teach you the peace and power of engaging people in an authentic, human way. 

You'll outshine your competitors, attract new opportunities, and create an enlightened brand.

See you inside!

The Emotive Pull Team

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