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Wednesday "Human Connection"Content Mastermind. 

The purpose of the Human Connection Content Mastermind is to give you a supportive platform to test and refine your content, including, your website, email, social, profiles, brochures, and bios. 


This is intended to help you learn strategic content patterns so that you can create communications that deeply connect, making your brand like-able. Writing strategically for human connection, is like a muscle that grows with practice, exposure, and doing it consistently. We believe if you don't use it, you lose it. 


This is for you if you:

  • Struggle creating content/communications that pulls

  • Have a desire to write content you know will sticks versus guessing. 

  • Spend a lot of money on content creation that isn't bringing in targeted clients who see value.

  • Need to shorten the time from pain to action (you have a long funnel time).

  • Want to begin positioning value, so they come to you. 

Some of the outcomes of learning this skill include: 

  • Diminishes the risk of messaging/positioning that doesn’t work.

  • Provides social proof, gaining trust quicker

  • Drives engagement

  • Pull multiple markets, gaining more market share

  • Eliminates guessing 

  • Provides content topics proven to connect for the long term

  • Gives marketers more options to source original SEO

  • Sales managers use the process to communicate and sell more effectively

How this works:

For those who need content/communication support: 

This is a support group and will be complimentary for the first two sessions for people who want to learn how to write content that works. You can submit your course content or content that isn't working and we'll give kind constructive support and feedback, so you can refine to improve visibility.  


You can come for two sessions for free, before you decide to subscribe or you can subscribe for ongoing support with your writing and development. 

For those who want to serve as peer support only:

There is qualification process and once qualification is approved, this will be complimentary and an opportunity to gain exposure, give an elevator pitch and serve other business owners through giving honest feedback and support.

If you need content support, and you would like a complimentary invite, please contact at

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