About Us

How We Began

One of our first marketing clients started a new software company called Kids Activity Market. After working together for a few weeks, we weren't the getting results we wanted. Customers were excited in conversation, but after they explored the website, they would bounce off. Bounce rates were super high and the engagement time spent on the website was minimal. 

The Struggle

We were frustrated and wanted different results. As we were metaphorically banging our heads against the wall, I had the idea to do qualitative market research to learn the audience's desires.

The Turn Around

​We found a Parent Teacher Organization convention, bought an exhibitor table, and spoke to over 300 parents in two days. 

The Results

​We found the positioning angles that would emotionally connect to parents. I designed new messaging that connected. After we implemented the new communication strategy, the client began converting in only 30 DAYS. I worked myself out of a job. He called me 6 months later and said, "Jen, we’ve converted 400 parent sign ups since your new messaging/branding was put into place. The results have been awesome. This is UNIQUE! I need more of that Emotive Pull."

Who We Are Now

It was in that moment I knew I had a viable business. Five years later, we have decided the best way to impact the most people is to teach them how to capture emotion on paper! We have a talented writer who helps implement deliverables and an amazing organizer and project manager who helps with the operations end. We are very blessed to be teaching and serving heart-centered entrepreneurs who impact social change.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To teach marketing professionals and small to mid-sized business leaders how to create marketing/sales communications that’ll work so that businesses succeed and generate revenue quicker, without the struggle or hustle.


Our Vision

To be industry leaders known for teaching Emotive Pull methods and creating communications that get businesses the success and outcomes they want and need.


Our Values

We believe in:

  • Contributing to the world by making an impact in our customer’s lives

  • Honoring our word

  • Giving value beyond expectation

  • Creating a wow factor in experience

  • Creating lasting outcomes for our customers where they walk away with the skill that will help them for years to come

  • Bringing integrity and honesty into everything we do

  • Giving straightforward feedback and authenticity

  • In making goals come true

Meet the Team

Jennifer Kahtz

Jennifer Kahtz is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Emotive Pull Communications. She has a background in marketing, writing, and assisting small to mid-sized businesses with marketing strategy and emotional messaging since 2014.


She's known for strategically positioning and helping companies to emotionally connect to their audience. She also uses methods for developing the why, soul and mission for the business so that people are endeared to the brand. 


She is a avid supporter of social change and social impact businesses. She also gets great fulfillment in helping businesses break free from mediocrity, changing the status quo by teaching business owners the power of human connection in business. 

Melissa Goodwin

Melissa Goodwin is the Content Manager for Emotive Pull Communications. Her background includes teaching, freelance writing, and entrepreneurship. The best part of all these endeavors for her has been the opportunity to use her creativity and passion to help others.

When not researching and writing, you'll find her advocating for environmental causes, loving on her rescued dogs, and either rabidly watching football or desperately waiting for football season to start.

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