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Killer Copy Catches Customers

A few days ago we discussed how compelling messaging is critical to keeping your audience interested. If you missed the article, check it out HERE.

Today, I thought we’d have a little fun examining some killer copy that national campaigns use and why they’re so effective.

Each of these campaigns uses the two critical elements we discussed before:

  • Knowing your audience and

  • Using emotion to pull your audience in.

These campaigns hit these elements hard, but in sometimes unexpected ways. They found clever ways to tap into the myriad of emotions each of us feels at one time or another. Some make us laugh, some evoke nostalgia, and some play on our their advantage.

Let’s examine a few of my favorites.

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

This campaign went viral before “going viral” was a thing. It resonated with women because it tapped into deep emotions. It gave women permission to feel beautiful even if their outward appearance didn’t fit the traditional concept of “beauty.” It made women feel empowered. Who wouldn’t want to use a product that made you think of yourself more positively??

Snowbird Ski Resort

Snowbird Ski Resort targets a specific audience here. They want those skiers who want a challenge, those who want and experience out of the ordinary. They used this negative review brilliantly to tap right into their audience’s ego.


Gymit tells in a playful way exactly how they solve the objection most people have when signing up for a gym membership. They put you at ease, knowing it’s

a place for those who want a simple, no-fuss gym and

if it’s not for you, you can get out of the contract without embarrassment

Bonus: A little psychological reward...guilt free mac ‘n cheese!


Zing! Right to the ol’ heartstrings with this one! This campaign began in 1944 and has grown and evolved to its use today as the #careenough campaign to spread love, care, and goodwill to the world.

This campaign is used across all social media platforms to encourage people to demonstrate acts of caring, document them, and share them. They’re spreading good vibes in the world...while having millions of users advertise for them.


Chevrolet knows their Corvette has a distinct differentiator from all other cars, and they use it brilliantly here. They tap into the desire each one of us has to own something special. Even if you wouldn’t dare own a Corvette, you have to admit...they’re right. Nobody ever wrote a song about a Volvo!

Dollar Shave Club

As we’ve said over and over again (we are Emotive Pull, after all!), hyping up the features of your product will only get you so far. Can you imagine what an ad for men’s razors, body wash, and hair products would look like if you only spoke about twin blade this and conditioning that? MAJOR SNOOZE FEST.

Here, though, they say simply and plainly what their products will DO for you, how they’ll make your life better.


Nike is an iconic brand, and you are familiar with all of their iconic (and sometimes controversial) campaigns.

I love this one, though, because it’s a good example of keeping the end goal in mind as you create your messaging. Here, they’re looking to target a new audience. They’re already known for being the shoe company for professional athletes, but here they let you know that they’re for you and me, too. So smart!

I hope you enjoyed this look at what the pros have done, and you’re inspired to create killer copy of your own!

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