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Is Email Dead??

I know how you feel.

An inbox that’s overflowing with unread emails is just one more chore on your to-do list in an already hectic season. If you’re like me, when you open your full inbox, the first thing I do is try to determine which ones I really want to open. The others, like the flurry of direct mailers that come at this time of year get tossed without a thought.

This might make you think that you’re wasting your time in sending emails, that email marketing is DOA.

But you’d be WRONG!

Even though you and I might feel like this, you do open, read, and engage with email. There’s no getting around it.

According to the Email Addiction Report, 83% of the population prefers email as the way they receive information and promotions from brands they trust.

The report contained lots of good tidbits about the effectiveness of email marketing. You can read the whole report HERE, but I’ll give you a few highlights:

  • Email is checked all the time, from everywhere imaginable: In the bathroom, on vacation, at the dinner table, while watching name it. 77% of us check email when we’re bored and 70% check it while in bed!

  • Just because your emails haven’t been opened doesn’t mean you’re dead in the water: The report shows that unless they’ve unsubscribed, over 50% are just waiting for the right offer or are waiting to engage with the brand in the future. Being ignored doesn’t mean the kiss of death!

  • There are particular reasons why people don’t open your email: 59% aren’t in the market for your product or service at that particular time. Some are just too busy. And a whopping 44% won’t open if the subject line isn’t exciting enough.

  • Only 4% didn’t want emails at all: That just goes to show you how accepted emails really are.

So what are the big takeaways?

  • Embrace emailing your customers! Even if your open rates aren’t as high as you’d like, that doesn’t mean your customers are lost. They’re just waiting for something good.

  • Write a catchy subject line! Consider it your first impression. Make it interesting enough for them to take the next step.

  • Be trustworthy. Remember that customers prefer communication from you via email, but only if you represent a brand they trust. Create content, whether it’s information or offers that are meaningful, relevant, and valuable.

The holidays are a busy time for most people. You’ll have to create extra valuable information or slam dunk special offers to share with your customers in order for them to open and engage with your email.

So spread a little holiday cheer in your emails! You’re customers will be glad you did, whether they’re reading them on their office computers or, **ahem,** from other indiscreet locals.

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