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How Human Connection in Content Creates Trust

By Jennifer Kahtz

Last week on the blog, we discussed how bringing some of your personal life into your business communications can help bridge the gap between you and your customer. This type of vulnerability helps people see you as a real person who happens to have a passion for what you do. That will set you apart from the others who simply tout product features. If you missed that article, you can find it HERE.

Rote explanation and conceptual teaching without an experience tie-in is becoming less effective today. In my viewpoint, concepts feed the analytical/logical mind.

Yet, as a collective psyche, it seems to me we’re moving more into an experiential feeling reality. I believe evolution is forcing us to become more connected to a feeling/experiential realm that doesn’t connect solely to head talk, old mind-made identities, and one-dimensional/intellectual concepts.

This is why old marketing tactics don’t work as well today.

Life is calling for intimacy, vulnerability, and authenticity. That’s what the new souls/younger generations seem to respond to best.

I believe this is fueled by our inner longing for human connection.

Below, I’ve come up with validation that it’s okay to be human in your content.

Now it’s not okay to be victim or unhealthy about it, but I do believe it’s okay to be authentically human.

Here’s how being authentically human can be a good thing in your communications:

  • We get to see how interconnected we are to you, and to know that we’re not alone. It fosters a human connection we’re all longing for.

  • Being human differentiates you from competitors and eliminates copying because no one else can be you.

  • It’s original and the world is hungry for original thinking and experiences. You will stand out like a diamond when you’re authentic.

  • People don’t simply buy your product or service, they buy who you are. It helps when they see you as a human being like them that they connect with and not as just some cold entity trying to sell them something.

For me, in my five years of professionally helping businesses, I’ve found that the foundation of marketing is human connection. I like to refer to it as “emotive pull.”

It’s counter intuitive to how society thinks, but the proof is in the outcomes.

Some of my greatest conversion articles are my most personal ones. The article I wrote that got the most buzz was titled, The Day I Realized my Dead Mother Wasn’t Really Dead. It’s an article that describes how I discovered my mother wasn’t really gone, she lives on in me.

Being human is going to be accepted, welcomed, and even a part of future marketing content strategy. To learn more from the experts, I recommend these videos:

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Dan Foxx: The Hidden Truth about Human Connection

I would love your feedback and experiences in making human connections in business.

Don’t forget: we want human.

It’s really okay! Your audience will fall in love with you for it.

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