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Coronavirus Mindset Shifting "Thrival" Guide Zoom Mastermind

What is this?

During societal crisis's there are those who thrive amidst societal tragedies and those who paralyze in fear. This Zoom mastermind is designed to support and nurture goals and dreams despite uncertain times, so you can still find ways to succeed during uncertainty.

How this serves especially during tough times?

  • Rewire your mind for positive thinking and motivation during today's time

  • Discover your truth for inspired action

  • Overcome fear and scarcity, gain confidence and conviction

  • Harness proven spiritual principles for synchronicity and flow

It helps those who want to:

  • Serve by supporting others.

  • Keep a positive state despite the negative circumstances

  • Be a part of a community and create goals together and support each other

  • Use spiritual laws like law of attraction and reciprocity to create our dreams during difficult times

When and Where?

This is a complimentary Zoom Mastermind call every Friday morning, starting March 20th. Starting at 9:00 am Arizona time. Please reach out at to register or call 602-430-8900 for the Zoom link.

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