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How customers make decisions: Two scientific models to measure and ensure effectiveness.

You can use these two scientific models to measure your marketing communications, so that you create and identify effective emails.

Myth, We’re just going to start marketing and people are going to respond. I’ve seen so many guesses on what customers want and need, only to see people spend lots on tactical marketing that isn’t working. Then I watch them get discouraged in their business and adopt a belief marketing is hard, and it really doesn’t have to be.

People who struggle with marketing are just missing a little knowledge that once internally understood will make it easy.

You see, there is a cognitive process

that happens. People need time and trust to transition from awareness, to buying desire, and then action. It is your job in your marketing to connect deeply to them as humans without coming across as self biased or selling.

In my experience positioning to Maslow’s Hierarchy of emotional needs works the best, which is what I’ve been doing in Emotive Pull for years, and it has proven in many studies to shorten the time from pain to buying action. And with that said, your customers are still going through a trust process and you’ll want to, take them through the AIDA cognitive funnel below and connect with them from their perspective, to build trust faster.

You have a choice when creating your communications.

Choice 1 - Go for visibility and send random stuff that you guess on that may or may not connect, and hope they eventually come around to action.

Choice 2 - Position to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from the checklist below and write compelling solutions to the most common needs, while also considering the cognitive funnel below, so that you don’t get discouraged in your efforts.

You get this right and your efforts could create a consistent lead generation in 3-6 months without the sales hustle.

For the video today, we’re going to experientially go through emails and share how to measure emails based on these checklists,, so that you can gain a perspective on how your customers may be processing your emails.

We’ll contemplate where I am in the AIDA funnel, we'll identify where the service or product is positioned in my own personal Hierarchy of needs, based on the Maslow model.

Yes, it's vulnerable, but it'll help because at a deep level, we're all connected on how we make decisions, emotionally first and then justified with logic second.

My purpose is to give you incentive to begin to use these models for creating content. Why? Because they work. They decrease buying time from pain to action and I want that for you!

We’ll chose an email to examine and identify and measure against:

  • The AIDA Cognitive Funnel

  • The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The AIDA Cognitive Funnel (to determine where they are in the funnel)

___ AwarenessThe consumer becomes aware of a category, product or brand (usually through advertising, email, networking, visibility at tradeshows)

___ InterestThe consumer becomes interested by learning about brand benefits & how the brand fits with lifestyle, needs and desires.

___ Desire The consumer develops a favorable disposition towards the brand

___ Action The consumer forms a purchase intention, reaches out for a meeting, engages in trial or makes a purchase

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Checklist (Fastens the time from awareness to action)

___ Self Actualization - Desire to be the most one can be

___ Esteem - Respect, Self esteem, Status, Recognition, Strength, Freedom

___ Love and Belonging - Friendship, Intimacy, Family, Connection

___ Safety Needs - Personal security, employment, resources, health, property

___ Physiological Needs - Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction

Using these two models, both Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the AIDA Cognitive Funnel will give you powerful measurements to base your email outcomes. As you begin to print these models out and use them both as a checklist, you could begin creating content consciously that pulls to the need/desire and also will be able to see the funnel as a process.

Think of it as a new relationship, when you meet someone new, it takes time to gain trust. Marketing is the same way and in fact it takes a little more time because they're not getting your personal smile or essence, so you have to find creative ways to connect and show how much you do care.

Hope this helps you succeed!



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