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Today we no longer respond to being "sold to."

 Human connection is what people crave right now more than ever.

Business owners often spend way too much time and money on marketing efforts that don't generate the qualified inbound leads they desire. Unfortunately, this leads to longer conversion times, and less engagement, because their audience isn't connected.

The Good News Is,

 There is a Better Way!

There are an array of positioning methods that will connect deeply to your audience, so you increase inbound leads and pull those you want to serve, in a consistent, calculated way.

I teach business owners how to do just that, so they position authentically and write effectively, to build trust, become likable and connect to their audience on a human level in all of their efforts. This makes building business easier and eliminates sales resistance anxiety, because your communications are pulling your audience to YOUR BUSINESS.

If you're experiencing this struggle, 

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And you're ready to start,

 growing your reach and the clients you like by learning how to write to your audience in a connected way, by  consistently creating content you know will stick versus guessing, 

I'm Jennifer Kahtz, and I've been studying the psychology and the behaviors of consumers for over 12 years.

I've seen first hand how turned off and tuned out we've become to the old marketing paradigm of

"I'm great! I have the best stuff! Buy from me!"

Through my research I've discovered the power of using authentic emotional connection and tapping into methods that create an authentic brand that tap into the psychology of the consumer to create inspired customers.

Our goal at Emotive Pull is not to become your marketer.


It's to teach you to how to create effective emotional messaging for yourself so that your business can thrive without struggle, without hustle, and without "icky selling."

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."