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& Business Owners........

Pivot Your Business for Today's Current Needs

People are still thriving in today's landscape,

and you can too.


 You might be one is buying.

Prepare for future business, or the sales process is not taking longer. 

And that might be true. 

 And What if there is?

You might be facing three problems, you have no idea how to pivot. It's not clear yet what the market needs right now you can provide. 


And the third, you're not sure if you believe you can.


And the fourth, you have no idea where to start if you could. 

We know from the toilet paper craze, Zoom and exercise equipment sales that people are still buying.  

And you could say, well that's for their business,

Because it is so RELEVANT!

And......what if you can create that same relevancy around what you do?

You might say, "Pipe Dream Jen!"

How can you approach this time with a view point of opportunity instead of gloom?

They don't share the messaging methods that grab marketshare. 


And that because of market saturation, it's tougher to break through the noise, now more than ever. 

Some of the symptoms that come with this are....

           plateaued lead engagement,

                             stagnating momentum,

                               dismal conversions

                                                  elevated lead costs,


All because of not truly understanding how to connect on a deeper human level that intrigues people. 

Today, we no longer respond to being "sold too."

Human connection is what people crave right now more than ever.


And understanding how to connect emotively in a deeper way has  proven to work best.

 Over 1,400 Case Studies Show Show Emotional Ads Work Best

Consumers Primarily Use Emotions to Evaluate Brands Rather Than Info

95% of Purchasing Decisions are Subconscious

Behavioral Science is Critical to Marketing

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I'm Jennifer Kahtz, and I've been studying the psychology and the behaviors of consumers for over 12 years.

I've seen first hand how turned off and tuned out we've become to the old marketing paradigm of

"I'm great! I have the best stuff! Buy from me!"

Through my research I've discovered the power of using authentic emotional connection and tapping  into the psychology of the consumer to drive buying behavior.

Our goal at Emotive Pull is not to become your marketer.


It's to teach you to how to create effective emotional marketing for yourself so that your business can thrive without struggle, without hustle, and without "selling."

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

That's why we created a DIY course to share this edge!

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All so you can gain the super power to position and create messaging that truly bonds, human to human.

You'll also be able to,

learn to consistently create emotive positioning that:

  •  Competes with marketshare because it's so different

  • Drives lead generation with less cost because it's more targeted and effective

  • Helps you see the gaps in desires to create original content 

  • Ensures every piece of content is intentional because it's so strategic

  • You know will stick versus guessing. 

Yes! I need this!!

What is the

 Human Connection Course


If your content doesn't work, your marketing won't work. A whopping 80% of marketing efforts don't work for most businesses. Business owners lose money investing in antiquated methods that aren't effective in today's paradigm. 

The HUMAN CONNECTION COMMUNICATION course teaches you how to create and position emotional communications like big corporations do. ​You'll learn techniques that connect deeply to the customer you want to reach. ​


Emotional positioning helps you understand your customers in a deeper way. ​When implementing our emotive methods, your customer engagement increases, bounce rates drop, and the cost per lead is greatly reduced. 

What's inside The Human Connection Communication Course?

We provide a hands-on, step by step group training that shows you how to create your own compelling emotional communications.


In this course, you'll learn how to create a bridge between your company and your clients by communicating with "human speak." You'll discover the emotional buying motivations of your target audience and use the science of emotional marketing to gain the attention of a cold market and turn them into interested, connected, quality leads.

The Human Connection Communication Course.

MODULE  1 - EP 101 
Research: Discovering human emotions and needs.

Welcome to lesson one. If you want to position for human connection, you'll have to speak to humans and you'll want to really understand their desires and lesson one will teach you how. In this lesson you're going to learn the roots to positioning for human connection, and how to do it so you have a content plan for years to come.  This lesson will give you the  process for uncovering emotions and we'll make sure you have the entire process we use for doing great interviews and identifying the real emotive pulls. We'll also share real life examples and demos of what works and what doesn't, so you can identify good research and not so good research. 

Team Adventure-5 copy 4.png
Team Adventure copy 4.png
MODULE 2 - EP 102
Positioning for human connection.

Welcome to lesson 2.

You'll learn how to emotively position for human connection. You'll learn the key human components and methods that connect and attract a cold market. You'll also know how to position buying motives so they connect and self qualify. Meaning, they see your content and say that is me! And each component in the process will give you the foundation to know how to position to those emotive desires while also positioning for credibility. 

MODULE 3 - EP 103

Messaging for human connection

In this lesson, we're going to teach you how to message in a way that connects using the foundation we built in lesson one and two. You'll also gain the knowledge to create content that is intentional and so you can write emotive messaging for many different messaging needs including: emotive conversational scripts, emails, ads and social posts that speak to human connection. You'll also learn the do's and don'ts to writing human connection and examples of what does and doesn't work. 

Team Adventure-5 copy 7.png

Curious on how this skill impacts your positioning capabilities for years to come? You'll be able to:

  • Discover the bridge between your customer and product/service (Bringing Connection)

  • Clearly convey the value your company brings

  • Make decisions on who to target (Giving Clarity)

  • Create content you know will engage specific targets (Creating with Intention)

  • Get social proof to build trust (Building Credibility)

  • Devise a viable strategy so that you're out of the hamster wheel of content or a business that doesn't work (Providing Confidence and Freedom)

  • Create content people will look forward to receiving

We understand that learning a new skill takes practice.

After all, you have to learn to walk before you can run, right?

That's why we offer ongoing support

to all our course participants.

By providing a bi-weekly

"Writing for Human Connection Mastermind" that includes:

Regular Q and A check-ins to answer questions 

Messaging reviews to make sure you're on the right track 

Modify your messaging that isn't getting the results you want

Tune-up demos to reinforce Emotive Pull methods to ensure you're getting the most from your investment

Team Adventure-5 copy 6.png

How will the


course help my business?


You WILL...

  • Open new market shares you didn't know existed

  • End the disconnect between you and your customer

  • Increase lead generation, many times exceeding 50%

  • Get faster sales from reduced time from pain to action

  • Get better quality, targeted leads at a decreased cost

  • Increase the time spent on your website from engaged customers

  • Have competitive differentiation

You WON'T...

  • Sink money into methods that don’t convert

  • Need to cross your fingers and *hope* your content works

  • See your efforts fail to produce results

  • Have to do this alone

WHAT people are saying about this course?

Amanda Peterson,

Pathways of Grace

Emotive Pull  training solved the issue of being able to communicate with my customers in a way that made sense to them. It helped my customers be able to engage with our business in a clearer fashion. It also helped the practitioners who use the space to clarify their vision of what the services are that they offer.

Meghan Uhl,

Focal Point Security

Taking Jennifer Kahtz’ Emotive Pull marketing course changed how I approach a prospective customer both in person and with written word.  After 30 years of selling and taking many “professional sales” courses, this is the first time someone has helped me make a real connection with customers that gives real results.

Robin Mason,

Sparkle Swap

The Emotive Pull Messaging Course helped solidify what my brand is and my why for wanting to create the website. Before I took the class, it was more about selling products. After taking the class and doing market research, discovering the audiences needs, my business idea turned into also building a community, bringing people together to share ideas and make people better. Initially, I didn’t think much about how I wanted to communicate my offerings. ​After understanding my audience and market better, I now have unlimited topics and conversation for reaching out and connecting

with my community. The class helped me to understand how to structure my communications in away that attracts people and draws people in to engage. ​Now I feel like I can create communications that specifically target areas of interest for my customers. My communications are better received. It’s not writing and hoping the articles will land it’s now writing and knowing they will land.

We KNOW you can do this. And we want you to feel great about it.


Emotive Pull Guarantee

Our mission is to help you succeed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the improvements in your marketing efforts after 30 days of completing and properly implementing the Emotive Pull principles, we will offer you a full refund. After all, we only succeed if you succeed, too!

I'm ready!

We can't wait to teach you the peace and power of engaging people in an authentic, human way. 

You'll outshine your competitors, attract new opportunities, and create an enlightened brand.

See you inside!

The Emotive Pull Team

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