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We Help Education Companies
Gain More Market Credibility

With Research, Buyer Studies, & Brand Strategy

What is "Emotive Pull" Education
We primarily support education companies by providing messaging that works, qualitative buyer studies and efficacy research, partnering with professional research teams for ESSA certifications and strategies to enhance market credibility, so you can become the chosen solution for districts and coveted state lists.

Who Is "Emotive Pull" For?

Education Companies: 

  • who are new and have no idea how to go-to-market

  • in the process of creating a new product, seeking a qualified research team

  • who are struggling to get into districts

  • who have districts who aren't comprehending the value 

  • who have a desire to get on state lists

  • who value providing evidence-based research for market credibility

doing work together

Emotive Pull's Contribution
to Education Businesses

  • Ideal audiences reach out more quickly

  • Gain market credibility

  • Outshine your competition with a unique approach

  • Increase leads because districts are drawn

  • Minimize your need to hustle

  • You'll be able to attract more market share

"The customers perception is your reality." 
Kate Zebriskie

How "Emotive Pull" For Business Began.

The failure that created the opportunity

In 2014 one of my first marketing clients created a new software application that provided local kid's activities for parents. When working with the owner, during our first weeks, we were getting zero results.


We would get customers excited in conversation and after they researched the website, they immediately bounced off. No one signed and the value wasn't yet positioned. 

We were metaphorically banging our heads against the wall and  I personally felt out of integrity because I was in charge of the messaging strategy and marketing communication. 

How we changed our outcomes

I couldn't sleep that week and one night I woke up at 3am with the idea to position behavioral research and psychological/emotional buying motives. 

I spoke to my client the next morning and he said, "I don't care what you do, I just want outcomes." 

I then created a research/positioning process, launched new messaging designed to emotively pull and created a product/market fit. Within 30 days of launch, I worked myself out of a job because it was working so well. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 4.47.18 PM.png

Jen kahtz

Emotive Pull Education Contributions

Website setup on laptop

Case Studies

Romantic Gift


Study Group




The breakthrough that created Emotive Pull Training

He called me 6 months later and said, "Jen, we’ve converted 400 parent sign-ups since your new messaging/branding was put into place. I need more of that Emotive Pull for other products."

It was then, that I knew I had a viable business. I changed the consulting business name to Emotive Pull and have been helping clients since 2014. Today, we created Emotive Pull Training to train the skill and process to marketers and businesses, so they no longer struggle with messaging and communication that doesn't work. 

Positioning to pull cuts out guessing and trial and error time, and (if done right) helps customers and marketers gain confidence and outcomes right out of the gate. 

Taking Jennifer Kahtz’ Emotive Pull messaging course changed how I approach a prospective customer both in person and written word.  After 30 years of selling and taking many “professional sales” courses, this is the first time someone has helped me make a real connection with customers that gives real results.

Meghan Uhl,

Focal Point Security

Jen is a true original ! Finally someone that has a perspective that is fresh, dynamic and effective ! Emotive Pull stands out from the crowd. This is An integrated approach and no one does it better. The content is drawing great leads. We've already seen an ROI are getting more interest than ever.

 Layne Kizler,

AZ Dog Smart

 I realized Jen understood people; how they think and react to things, like a sociologist and psychologist combined. She gathered what I do and why I do it, and translated it into messaging that I’m now unbelievably proud of. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a pull in their business and attract the clients they desire.

Jessica Hausner,
Founder of Artisan Gallery Framers

"The Human Connection
Messaging Course" 
Coming Soon.



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