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Communicate to bridge 
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Emotive Pull's Interpersonal Communication Course 
Provides effective communication strategies that resolve relationship conflict and foster connection, so that you can bring harmony and sustain lasting interpersonal friendships and romantic relationships. 
This course is for you if: 
  • Conflict resolution is difficult

  • Others become defensive when you share your truth

  • Resentments fester within

  • You struggle to set boundaries 

Strengthen intimacy and connection with effective communication and conflict-resolution skills.
Jennifer Kahtz, Emotive Pull Training

How effective communication makes life better

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Create healthy boundaries

Communicating your wants and needs gives you the freedom to be yourself. It's easy to lose yourself beckoning to the wishes of others. 

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Grow lasting relationships

The skill to manage and bridge conflict creates lasting connections and sustainable relationships for years to come. Communication without putting the other person on defense will build trust and intimacy. Others will feel good in interacting with you. 

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Resentments create toxicity in relationships often causing good people to show bad behavior. Learning to resolve conflict before resentments fester can foster self-confidence and relationship harmony. 


Taking Jennifer Kahtz’ Emotive Pull messaging course changed how I approach a prospective customer both in person and written word.  After 30 years of selling and taking many “professional sales” courses, this is the first time someone has helped me make a real connection with customers that gives real results.

Meghan Uhl,

Focal Point Security

Jen is a true original ! Finally someone that has a perspective that is fresh, dynamic and effective ! Emotive Pull stands out from the crowd. This is An integrated approach and no one does it better. The content is drawing great leads. We've already seen an ROI are getting more interest than ever.

 Layne Kizler,

AZ Dog Smart

 I realized Jen understood people; how they think and react to things, like a sociologist and psychologist combined. She gathered what I do and why I do it, and translated it into messaging that I’m now unbelievably proud of. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a pull in their business and attract the clients they desire.

Jessica Hausner,
Founder of Artisan Gallery Framers


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