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Behavioral Research and Content Writing

Connect to your audience, tap into their buying motives, and turn lookers into customers.

A whopping 80% of marketing efforts don't work.

That's a staggering number! Those fruitless marketing efforts represent wasted time, effort, and money. The truth is that because we are constantly bombarded by information, feature-based marketing is easily tuned out. People no longer want to be "sold to."


To be heard over the din of an over-saturated market, you must make

an emotional connection with your audience.

That's what we do best.


Who is This For?

If you're tired of:

  • stabbing in the dark when it comes to marketing

  • losing money on methods that don't work

  • creating messaging alone

  • trying to come up with new ideas that *might* work

...then Emotive Pull can help!

We eliminate the guess work by conducting behavioral research on your target market. The research will show

  • what motivates your market to buy and

  • the emotional messages that will connect.

Our professional writers then take that information and create effective communications for all your business needs, finished and ready to implement.


How Does Behavioral Research Work?

We conduct qualitative research interviews with your target market. Each interview is recorded and transcribed. You'll learn, in your customers' own words, what they want and what they think.

The data gathered gives tremendous insight into your market's psychology, buying motivations, and emotional drivers.

Using the science of emotional marketing, we use the data to design communications that connect deeply with your market, pulling them to you, eliminating the need to "sell."


Research Report

Communications Blueprint

The data gathered from our behavioral research provides a wealth of insightful content that can be used across all your communication needs for weeks, months, even years to come.

The Blueprint contains the building blocks for a high level communication strategy with examples on how to pull audience segments with strategic communications.

The Research Report includes:

  • Highlighted interview transcriptions

  • Buying motivations

  • Benefits and outcomes of your service or product

  • Client feedback

  • Intel on any area you choose

The Blueprint includes:

  • Your Business Story - to humanize your company to create trust

  • Mission, Vision, Values - to show the soul of your company and what you stand for

  • Core Messages - to attract specific market segments/verticals used for multiple campaigns, ads, and tactical efforts so prospects become compelled to engage

  • Self Selection Section - to pull specific verticals opening up market share and creating more targeted leads, eliminating high costs per lead and competition for ad spend

  • Results and Outcomes Section - to show the value of your service or product and increasing credibility

  • Elevator Pitches - to captivate interest in conversations, keep engagement on website and can be used as one liners for social efforts

  • Lead Capture Strategies - to create qualified leads for list building, opening up different markets and buying journey touch points

  • Strategic Testimonials - to build social proof for trust and credibility, giving legs to the other building blocks

  • Emotive Pull Front Page Web Design Map - designed as a foundation for list building, social proof, and lead generation. New design decreases bounce rate, increases engagement, and will rank higher for new Google algorithms.

  • 3 Month Content Strategy/Calendar - campaign ideas for different market segments. Gives a company direction and ideas for attracting different verticals for years to come based on research.

  • Optional communications include: Sales Scripts, Prospecting Scripts, Newsletters, Advertising, Messages, Web Content (Design Included), Sales Presentations, Weekly Social Content, Email Funnels, Video Scripts, Webinars, Social Posts, Social Ads, Blogs, Relationship Touch Point Plan

  • Package Options Available - to accommodate your budget

How does emotive messaging help your business?

Other Services

  • Strategic Road Mapping Coaching Sessions

  • Compass Workshop

  • Quantitative Research (Includes test sample, report and presentation based on psychological buying motivations and strategy for writing materials based on data)

  • Brand Design Package

  • Web Design Package

  • Monthly Ongoing Support

  • Content Creation Support

  • Content Distribution Support

  • Brochure design

  • Video production

Ongoing Retainer Packages

Communications provided to you, ready to use. We provide Emotive Pull writing and weekly ongoing strategic support for goals including:

  • Weekly social content

  • Ongoing drip campaigns

  • Ongoing LinkedIn posts

  • Ongoing social ads

  • Writing scripts for multiple market segments (inside, outside, R&D)

  • Writing freebies/video scripts

  • Weekly meetings to collaborate on strategic direction for growth and communication needs to support

  • Creating landing pages that sell for new services/initiatives

  • Help to write/create consultative services and testing to ensure efficacy

  • Ensure Emotive Pull is cohesive amidst all communications so it starts producing outcomes

  • Create and write a relationship touch point plan and messaging to maximize customer retention to ensure inside and outside counsel connection

  • Write relationship touch point messages/scripts for the above

  • Q & A email support

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